Arch Linux Install - LVM and video challenges

The latest install media for Arch Linux is dated May 2010, which is not a problem except that the kernel is beginning to show its age and as I recently found out, there are a few issues with creating a system with LVM volumes.

Arch Linux on the Asus Eee PC 1001 PXD

I recently purchased an Asus Eee PC to have something convenient to have at work, mostly for web and music. I was thinking I would leave the Windows Starter OS on it and add Linux for dual boot. But after reading some of MS’s EULA, I decided I’d rather not “check the box” and instead install some distribution of Linux.

Polymorphism example in Google Go

I wrote a bare-bones example in Google Go to excersize embedding, poloymorphism and interfaces in Go. It does nearly nothing, but it works as expected. It has the advantage of being very small.

Convert a mercurial repository to a git repository

I have decided to have another look at git, since it stores the contents of files as content and not files. If I rename or move a file, the content doesn’t have to be stored a second time. My hope is that I will worry less about having things right the first time, and can focus on just getting stuff done, making adjustments later as needed without a heavy price to pay.