qemu virtual machine and bridged network

There are many articles that describe configuring bridged networking for qemu virtual hosts and clients. None I found seemed to be completely helpful, but I finally found a solution that worked for me.

Python environment and virtual environments

While working though an introduction to virtual environments[1] I was able to get to the point that I was in the virtual environment by way of activate and then by habit, typed control-D to exit the virtual environment. ┬áTo my surprise I ended up exiting my entire terminal session, though it was obvious since I “sourced” activate into my current shell… never mind that. ┬áThis post is about a way to avoid all that.

Use netcat to copy large files

The lightweight netcat utility can be used to copy large files quickly bewteen machines when encryption is not a concern… and say the nfs gods are not smiling on you today and you don’t want to wait for a ~3 MB/s copy with scp.

Arch Linux Install - LVM and video challenges

The latest install media for Arch Linux is dated May 2010, which is not a problem except that the kernel is beginning to show its age and as I recently found out, there are a few issues with creating a system with LVM volumes.

Arch Linux on the Asus Eee PC 1001 PXD

I recently purchased an Asus Eee PC to have something convenient to have at work, mostly for web and music. I was thinking I would leave the Windows Starter OS on it and add Linux for dual boot. But after reading some of MS’s EULA, I decided I’d rather not “check the box” and instead install some distribution of Linux.

Polymorphism example in Google Go

I wrote a bare-bones example in Google Go to excersize embedding, poloymorphism and interfaces in Go. It does nearly nothing, but it works as expected. It has the advantage of being very small.