A Hugo Shortcode for displaying photographs

This is a hugo shortcode for displaying photographs in a hugo page. This is not a gallery. If the fullsize button is clicked the image is displayed in a larger, full-screen format. However there are no buttons to advance to the next image, etc. I searched though gallery after gallery, and between the jQuery involved and the lack of documentation, I decided to go this route instead. It is used like (all on one line):

Deciding on responsive image sizes and exporting from raw file

A method for deciding on what size image variants to create for publishing on a web-page. The overall goal of responsive images is to minimize the amount of data the end user has to load. This is one way to work that out, keeping in mind that there is no hard and fast rule to getting this “right”. Once you have determined a list of image sizes, I also included a method for creating those images from a raw image file using darktable-cli.

Site now powered by hugo

hugo is a static website engine. This site was previously done using b2evolution, but with the exception of supporting user comments, I did not need any of the dynamic overhead. I moved to hugo to eliminate having to moderate comments, manage updates and ward off hacking attempts.

qemu virtual machine and bridged network

There are many articles that describe configuring bridged networking for qemu virtual hosts and clients. None I found seemed to be completely helpful, but I finally found a solution that worked for me.