Site now powered by hugo

hugo is a static website engine. This site was previously done using b2evolution, but with the exception of supporting user comments, I did not need any of the dynamic overhead. I moved to hugo to eliminate having to moderate comments, manage updates and ward off hacking attempts.

qemu virtual machine and bridged network

There are many articles that describe configuring bridged networking for qemu virtual hosts and clients. None I found seemed to be completely helpful, but I finally found a solution that worked for me.

Publishing to PyPI on

Editor note: This was a post that I never quite finished, but it has some useful information, so I’m passing it along. The information on the test PyPI site is now out of date. –3/4/2018 In searching for tutorials and videos about how to organize a Python project and publish it to PyPI, I was greeted with introductions and titles like these: “So simple!” “That’s all! …it is very easy.

Python environment and virtual environments

While working though an introduction to virtual environments I was able to get to the point that I was in the virtual environment by way of activate and then by habit, typed control-D to exit the virtual environment. ┬áTo my surprise I ended up exiting my entire terminal session, though it was obvious since I “sourced” activate into my current shell… never mind that. ┬áThis post is about a way to avoid all that.