Installing gtkD for ldc

Download gtkD 1.3 from gtkd unzip run make to run the GNUmakefile in the base directory. su to root make install copies include and lib files under /usr/local/. libraries: libgtkd.a libgtkdgl.a libgtkdsv.a Test it out… cd to gtkD/demos/gtk try to compile HelloWorld.d. First attempt was to do ldc HelloWorld.d That resulted in a linking error: /usr/local/lib/libgtkd.a(Loader.o): In function `_D4gtkc6Loader6Linker17dumpLoadLibrariesFZv': gtkc.Loader:(.text+0x4e8): undefined reference to `_D5tango2io6Stdout6StdoutC5tango2io6stream6Format20__T12FormatOutputTaZ12FormatOutput' gtkc.Loader:(.text+0x518): undefined reference to `_D5tango2io6stream6Format20__T12FormatOutputTaZ12FormatOutput8formatlnMFAaYC5tango2io6stream6Format20__T12FormatOutputTaZ12FormatOutput' /usr/local/lib/libgtkd.