Git cheat-sheet

git reset --hard

Reverts all changes to the working copy.

git add -u

Adds all changes done to the working copy to the to-be-committed list (files that were added, removed, updated).

git add <path>

Recursively adds the files within <path> to the to-be-committed list.

git reset -- <path>

Remove a <path> from the to-be-committed list, no change to working copy.

git checkout -- <path>

Undo changes to <path> in the working copy (svn revert <path>).

git ls-tree -r <revision-id>git cat-file -p <file-id>

Get file-id’s for all the files in/at a specific revision - use this id for “cat-file” Use <revision-id>^ to get the revision prior to the one specified - to get, for example, the id of a file deleted at <revision-id>. Dumps the file contents to stdout (see previous git ls-tree entry - these two together make a svn -r <rev> url://path/file). (Thanks to )|

git remote show origingit remote -v

Get the URL of the repository that you cloned from. (Thanks to a post on Google Groups “Git for human beings” group.)

git config --global diff.tool meldgit difftool ...

Use meld to see diff output.

git ls-files -v

List all files in the working copy and status of each (in one letter code).